Window and Wall Scraper
Window and Wall Scraper

Window and Wall Scraper

Package Contents:
  • 1 Wall and Window Scraper
  • 2 spare blades
Product Size: 14.5*10*1.2(cm)
Product package Size: 21*3*2.0(cm)
Product Material:
  • ABS Case
  • Plastic Handle
  • Metal Blade
Product Features:
  • Easy 2 button system to release and attach blades
  • Hanging hook in handle for easy storage
  • Guards Included (Insert blade side down into handle) - Keeps the edges covered safely, and can can also be used with the guard on for scraping softer surfaces
Product Usage:
  • Removal of small amounts of paint, plaster, blu-tac, other solidified substances on walls or windows, removal of water-based adhesive labels when used with a suitable solvent