Cut 1 Oil Resist Sandy Nitrile Engineering Gloves

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This glove that offers exceptional grip in wet and oily conditions. Featuring a revolutionary new surface treatment, this glove utilizes small suction cup-like features in its sandy nitrile coating, firmly attaching itself to the material being handled for a superior grip.

The seamless nylon liner adds an extra layer of comfort, preventing irritation during extended wear. The sandy nitrile coating with its innovative surface treatment adjusts to different conditions, providing a superior grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions. Its unique design features small "suction cups" that firmly grip the handled material, enhancing your control and reducing the risk of slipping.

EN 388 2016: 4 1 2 1 X

For use in: Oily conditions, Dry conditions, Wet conditions, Assembly, Automotive & Engineering, Construction, DIY, Industrial, Maintenance, Mechanical, Oil & Gas, Transport, Warehousing & Logistics, Waste & Recycling

List of features: Abrasion Resistant, Breathable, Comfortable, Dexterous, Ergonomic, Oil Resistant, Strong Grip, Water Resistant

13 Gauge Nylon & Spandex liner, A comfortable and breathable Nylon & Spandex liner allowing for a snug fit while carrying heat and moisture away from the hand allowing for reduced hand fatigue during long periods of use

Coating: Palm Coated Smooth and sandy nitrile palm double-dip coating, Sandy Nitrile Glove features a revolutionary new surface treatment that provides a superior grip in a dry, wet and oil conditions as it adjusts to different conditions by utilising small "suction cups" which attach themselves firmly to the material being handled, the undercoating of smooth nitrile helps to provide a layer of protection against oils, liquids and other solvents