Black Crinkle Latex Labour Work Gloves

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Designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit for a variety of tasks. The glove features a seamless cotton and spandex liner that allows air to pass through, keeping your hands cool while effectively wicking away sweat. Whether you're engaged in general mechanical operations, gardening, labor work, or construction, this glove is your go-to companion. Its deep ridged crinkle latex palm ensures a secure grip, making it ideal for jobs that demand precision and control. Experience excellent abrasion resistance, a comfortable fit, and enhanced ergonomics with this glove. Enjoy the strong grip, comfort, and ergonomic design that this glove offers. Elevate your performance and protect your hands with our top-quality glove.

EN 388 2016: 2 1 2 1 X

Features and Benefits of the Helix GA1-1608
  • Seamless cotton mixed spandex liner
  • Good for general mechanical operations, gardening, labour work and construction
  • Unique latex dipping giving a superb grip in a range of working conditions
  • Excellent abrasion and a comfortable fit
  • Strong Grip
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic

For use in: Dry conditions, Construction, DIY, Industrial, Landscaping, Shipping & Receiving, Transport, Waste & Recycling

Lining:13 gauge cotton liner, Extremely comfortable, with a high degree of flexibility and breathability this is the perfect material for working long shifts of manual labour

Coating: Black crinkled latex palm coating, This unique latex dipping offers improved grip by forming deep ridges and high peaks of latex the gripping points of this glove are dramatically increased providing a sure grip when needed