2Pcs Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades
2Pcs Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades

2Pcs Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades


Main Colour: Orange

Material: 2+D6A, 300mm (12"), 24 TPI (Teeth Per Inch)

Package Contents: 2 Blades

Product Application:
  • Made to fit the Wokin hacksaw (305112) and any other 300mm hacksaw
  • Quick and easy to replace blades with screw tightening system
  • Shatterproof and virtually unbreakable bi-metal hacksaw blades
  • Hacksaw Blade for Jigsaw UK
  • Precision teeth for sawing a variety of metal types and materials such as pipes, rods, brackets etc.
  • Can also be used to cut through plastics such as PVC
  • The blade can be mounted with the teeth facing toward or away from the handle, resulting in cutting action on either the push or pull stroke
  • Be sure that the blade is tightened and tensioned securely using the tensioner knob / nut on the hacksaw, do not over-tighten as this can put stress on the blade.