7 in 1 Wire Strippers
7 in 1 Wire Strippers
7 in 1 Wire Strippers
7 in 1 Wire Strippers

7 in 1 Wire Strippers

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Features and Further Details

7-in-1 Muti-functional - Sharp-tec wire strpper has 7 functions including safety lock

cutting | clamping | stripping | winding | spliting | crimping functions.

The safety lock can improve the safety of carrying. Secondly, functions such as cutting, stripping, splitting, merging, and crimping are all integrated on this product, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Portable & Safe to Carry - Locked size is 19x5.5cm, very suitable for putting into pocket. The weight is only 150g. Hardly feel the weight in the pocket, which is very convenient to carry around.
Ergonomic Handle & One-hand Operation - The ergonomic non-slip handle design can ensure both comfort and safety during use. Meawhile because the unlock size is 18x12.5cm, it is easy to operate with one hand.
Long Product Life with Bulit-in Spring - The hidden spring design can automatically open the handle of the wire stripper, so it can reduce the user's hand fatigue. Compared with the traditional design, the hidden spring design has a relatively long service life because the spring is placed inside the wire stripper and is not easily affected by the outside world.
High Quality with Stainless Material - The stainless steel material makes the product more resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring product quality and user experience.